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Firehouse Magazine Dedicates April Issue to Heroes of 9/11

The April issue of Firehouse magazine is a tribute to the 343 fall firefighters of 9/11, and includes information about the search at Ground Zero and a pictorial of the damage sustained at the Twin Towers.

Firehouse magazine will dedicate its upcoming April issue to the 343 fallen firefighters of 9/11. The special issue includes information about the search at Ground Zero with a pictorial of the damage sustained at the Twin Towers and surrounding buildings.

The publication will feature exclusive interviews with firefighters, front-line officers and chiefs working on the scene at the World Trade Center before, during and after the collapse with personal stories from many firefighters who were trapped, narrowly escaped or came within inches of death or serious injury.

"Firefighters have had to work in voids, climbing over heavy steel and working amid smoke, dust and debris, in their relentless search for victims," says Bruce T. Bowling, group publisher. "This issue not only recognizes the 343 lost, but those who continue to work within a difficult environment as well as the many other heroes around the United States."

Firehouse magazine's April issue will also unveil the winners of the 2001 Firehouse Heroism & Community Service Awards Program, America's largest fire service awards with a review of winning participants. Company officers and chiefs nominate winners with each honoree receiving a medal from Blackinton as well as a certificate and a check from Firehouse. This year's top honoree will also receive a commemorative sculpture by artist and firefighter Mike Roche.

"This has been a difficult issue to produce, especially since many Firehouse team members are also active fire service personnel," adds Jeff Barrington, associate publisher . "Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and to the firefighters who fight the good fight everyday, on Sept. 11th and always. They will never be forgotten."

Equipment used during the initial stages of the rescue and recovery efforts including using massive amounts of heavy equipment manned by steel workers will help to depict the incredible efforts still going on at Ground Zero.

"The issue looks at specialized rescue tools used and the incredible sacrifices men and women of many professions are making at Ground Zero," says Editor-in-Chief Harvey Eisner. "An additional profile on the FDNY, the nation's largest fire department, takes an in-depth look at a department that has been significantly impacted emotionally, spiritually and professionally."

Firehouse magazine is a monthly publication that is devoted exclusively to the fire service. Firehouse magazine's online companion,, complements this special issue with daily updates, news and photos of 9/11, as well as a comprehensive online database with profiles of all the emergency services victims lost.

edited by Sandy Smith ([email protected])

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