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A/C Power-Colver Operations Wins Safety Award

The 47 employees of A/C Power-Colver Operations are visited by Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Robert Jubelirer, who brings them the Governor's Award for Safety Excellence.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Robert Jubelirer presented the Governor's Award for Safety Excellence to A/C Power-Colver Operations, Colver, Pa., and its 47 employees during a visit and facility tour.

"At A/C Power-Colver Operations safety is not a slogan; it is a way of doing business and a way of life," said Jubelirer. "Every member of the A/C Power-Colver Operations team is directly responsible for providing input into making their facility safer."

The Governor's Award for Safety Excellence is a key element of the PENNSAFE - Pennsylvania Safety First - workplace-safety program. This initiative recognizes successful workplace-safety programs through the Governor's award. Since the program began in 1996, the number of joint worker-management workplace safety committees has increased from 400 to more than 4,700 committees covering more than 662,000 employees.

"Joint labor and management efforts have played a key role in making Pennsylvania's workplaces safer by reducing the number of workplace injuries," added Jubelirer. "I am proud to say that A/C Power, and other employers who realize the value of workplace safety committees, are a part of that success."

A/C Power-Colver Operations' safety committee conducts frequent safety inspections, and offers guidance about personal protective equipment and hazard-avoidance communication programs. Some improvements at the facility include enclosing weather-exposed walkways and a cooling tower and paving walkways.

A/C Power-Colver Operations is a steam-generated power station that went on line in May 1995. The facility uses bituminous coal refuse as its primary fuel. It is part of the Constellation Operating Services Company, which operates more than 20 facilities nationwide. It is the recipient of the National Safety Council Outstanding Achievement Award and is the 61st Pennsylvania company to receive the Governor's Award for Safety Excellence.

"Effective safety committees provide an added economic benefit," said Jubelirer. "With substantial savings realized from fewer workplace accidents, A/C Power-Colver has invested $10 million in plant improvements. Clearly, emphasizing safety is a plus for the health of the company, too."

edited by Sandy Smith ([email protected])

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