Green Cross-for Safety Medal Awarded to Gregory Swienton

The National Safety Council (NSC) awarded its third-annual Green Cross for Safety Medal to Gregory Swienton, chairman, president and CEO of Ryder System Inc.

The award recognizes and honors Ryder's "exemplary commitment to workplace safety and corporate citizenship." The award was presented at a fundraising dinner this week in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

The Green Cross for Safety Medal is presented annually. The recipient is a chief executive officer (CEO), president or other high-level operating official of an organization that has distinguished itself over a period of years with outstanding achievements in workplace and off-the-job safety and health, community service, environmental stewardship and responsible citizenship. Swienton is the first transportation industry executive to receive the honor.

"The National Safety Council is extremely pleased and excited to honor Gregory Swienton with our Green Cross for Safety Medal," said Alan McMillan, NSC president and CEO. "Every company's chief executive would do well to follow Greg Swienton's lead. Ryder's commitment to safety is outstanding in the supply chain and transportation industry. It represents the highest level of dedication to worker safety and health, environmental stewardship and community service."

He notes Ryder has a superlative record of providing a company-wide safety culture, and that an overall commitment to making safety a core value sets Ryder apart. "We encourage all companies to adopt similar policies," added McMillan.

Ryder's Health and Safety team is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the supply chain and transportation industry. It consists of individuals with expertise in transportation and industrial safety and security, industrial hygiene, program management and ISO process development.

"Ryder has established safety as a core competency with a strong commitment and continuous input from all levels of the organization," Swienton said. "Assuring the safety and health of our employees, customers, suppliers and contractors is a critical focus and defines the very essence of who we are as a company. Ryder has a philosophy that no accident is acceptable and that all accidents are preventable."

Since joining Ryder in 1999, Swienton has identified safety as one of the company's top five goals. He championed efforts to integrate safety into all aspects of the business process. He also raised the visibility and importance of safety within the company by creating the position of vice president for Safety, Health and Security.

For the sixth consecutive year, Ryder was featured in the 2002 Fortune Most Admired Companies survey of corporate reputations. Forbes named Ryder to its "Magnetic 40" as "Best in Transportation and Logistics" for creating a "network of partnerships that can spur growth, innovation and most important, serve customers better."

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