White House Nominates CSB Chair

Nearly two and a half years after the resignation of the first, last and only permanent chairman of the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, the White House has announced it will nominate Carolyn Merritt to a five-year term in the position.

Like many of the Bush administration nominees to top government positions, Merritt has a distinguished corporate pedigree. Until her retirement last year, she was senior vice president for environment, health and safety at IMC Global, Inc., a Lake Forest, Ill. chemical company that is the largest global producer of concentrated phosphates and potash fertilizers.

In 1994 Merritt was a senior project manager with RMT/Jones and Neuse, Inc., an environmental consulting firm in Houston, Texas.

From1988 to 1994, Merritt was with Champion International Corporation, first as the Manager of Solid and Hazardous Waste and then as Manager of Environment Health and Safety.

If Merritt is confirmed she will bring the number of CSB members up to four, still one shy of its authorized full strength, though the agency has never operated with all five positions filled.

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