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Man Guilty of Comp Fraud, Gets Fine and Community Service

Sherwin D. Phillips filed a workers' compensation claim in the state of Washington, claiming he was disabled by an injury he sustained in March 2000 while working for a pest control company in Olympia, Wash. Turns out Phillips was the pest.

He recently pled guilty to a felony charge of first -degree theft and for fraudulently receiving workers' compensation benefits. A Grays Harbor County Superior Court judge sentenced Phillips to 30-days in jail, which was converted to 240 hours of community service. In addition, Phillips was fined $1,110 and ordered to pay $9,545.76 in restitution to the Department of Labor and Industries.

An investigation into Phillips' case showed that while he was receiving disability benefits, he worked at his own pest control business, Advance Pest Prevention, in Aberdeen, Wash. Phillips did not inform the department that he had gone back to work.

Anyone who suspects fraudulent activity may report it anonymously to the Department of Labor and Industries by calling (360) 902-5153 or online at

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