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OSHA Processes Serious and Repeat Violations at Rochester Company

Numerous and repeated exposures of employees to safety and health hazards at a Rochester, N.Y.-area food processing plant have resulted in $78,500 in proposed fines against Cantisano Foods Inc. of Fairport, N.Y.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited the company for the alleged violations following an inspection that took place between March 28 and August 12, which was conducted as a follow up inspection to an accident investigation from over a year ago. The just-completed inspection also incorporated a comprehensive review of the workplace based on OSHA's national emphasis program for food processing industries.

As a result of the inspection, Cantisano Foods Inc. was cited for 10 alleged serious violations, which included a proposed penalty of $28,500 for failing to provide safe mobile ladders; provide emergency exit directional signs where exits were not readily visible; ensure employees using liquids and powders that could injure the eyes wore proper protective glasses; ensure that fire extinguishers were readily available for use; ensure that propane tanks were properly secured to forklift trucks; guard the punch point on an ironworker machine; ensure access to electrical power panels was kept clear; label products in secondary containers; ensure employees using liquids and powders understood the hazards; and several items concerning the overexposure of employees to high levels of workplace noise.

Cantisano Foods was also cited for two alleged repeat violations, carrying proposed penalties of $50,000 for failing to train temporary employees in lockout/tagout standard requirements for dealing with hazardous energy releases in the workplace; and for failing to inform and educate temporary employees in evacuation and/or fire procedures.

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