OSHA Gets a Charge from Alliance with Independent Electrical Contractors

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Independent Electrical Contractors Inc., have formed an alliance to promote safe and healthful working conditions in that industry.

"We're pleased that more organizations are joining with us in our compliance assistance efforts and fostering worker safety and health," said OSHA Administrator John Henshaw. "IEC recognizes the value of collaborative relationships that strengthen the means to protect America's workers, and we're committed to helping them help their members."

OSHA recently reorganized in an effort to promote partnerships with employers and compliance assistance. Together, OSHA and IEC have agreed to develop a means that will provide IEC members with information and guidance to help them protect their employees, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to falls, rear-end auto collisions and material-handling hazards. The alliance also calls for increasing workers access to safety and health information and training resources. OSHA and IEC have agreed to work together at various conferences and events, as well as through the media, to jointly develop and disseminate that information.

Both organizations will also promote and encourage the participation of IEC members in OSHA's cooperative programs, such as compliance assistance, the Voluntary Protection Program, consultation and the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program, as well as mentoring to IEC members.

A joint team of IEC and OSHA representatives will meet regularly to develop an action plan, determine working procedures, identify goals and objectives and track and share information on activities and results of the Alliance. Representatives from the Occupational Safety and Health State Plan Association and the association of state consultation projects will be given the opportunity to participate as well.

The alliance will remain in effect for one year, with annual automatic renewals. It may be modified with the concurrence of all parties. Any signatory may withdraw for any reason with 30 days notice.

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