Attitudes in the American Workplace VIII: The Eighth Annual Labor Day Survey

A telephone poll of 750 workers revealed that 47 percent say their employers have not strengthened security since 9/11, while 33 percent say their companies are not strictly enforcing the security measures already in place.

The Marlin Company, a North Haven, Ct., workplace communications company, released the results of "Attitudes in the American Workplace VIII," with polling by Harris Interactive.

Other poll results found:

  • Forty-three percent said that their company's management has not taken an active role in addressing workers' emotional concerns related to 9/11; 51 percent say people where they work have not fundamentally changed since 9/11 in terms of being more understanding of each other and being more cohesive as a team;
  • Forty-one percent say they're more focused on home life since Sept. 11, while 55 percent say their priorities haven't changed.
  • Some 69 percent of workers complained of gossip in the workplace, with 24 percent adding they've seen reputations damaged because of gossip or rumors.
  • Thirty-one percent say rudeness is a problem in the workplace.
  • Twenty-six percent admit they do not trust management to be honest and truthful and treat employees fairly.

Full details are available at

Workplace Issues Poll

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