NSC: Everyday Heroes in the Making

The opening session of the 90th annual National Safety Congress focused on everyday heroes who often go unrecognized.

From a group of men and women dressed as workers in industries ranging from healthcare to construction waving state flags, to the opening remarks by the president of the National Safety Council, to the words of author Joseph Galloway, safety professionals in the audience Monday morning in San Diego were reminded that they can and do make a difference.

"As a full- or part-time safety representative, you have helped identify and correct hazards that, left unrecognized and unattended, would have injured or killed a colleague or coworker," said Alan McMillan, NSC president. "You want to know what an everyday hero looks like? Look around…look next to you. There are thousands of every day heroes…in this room."

He noted that as safety professionals, "it is part of our calling to be leaders. It is part of our calling to provide a greater good for mankind. It is part of our calling to help others understand. It is part of our calling to make others be safe and feel safe. And in fulfilling this calling, to be everyday heroes."

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