DaimlerChrysler Agrees to $144,000 Fine for Hazardous Waste Violations

DaimlerChrysler Corp. has agreed to pay a $144,000 civil penalty to resolve an administrative complaint brought by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding hazardous waste violations between December 1996 and September 2002.

EPA Region 5 cited the automaker for not having a system to detect and repair leaks in equipment used to paint vehicles at one of its Ohio facilities. The company uses a solvent to clean this equipment, and the solvent and resulting waste product are considered hazardous. DaimlerChrysler was also cited for not installing air emission controls on hazardous waste tanks, and for not assessing and inspecting the integrity of new tank systems.

In addition to the fine, DaimlerChrysler will correct the problems in the painting and waste storage systems.

The complaint was issued by EPA Region 5 under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. EPA Regions 3 and 7 joined Region 5 in the agreement, which involves all eight of Daimler Chrysler's facilities in which vehicles are painted. The plants are located in Toledo, Ohio; Detroit; Sterling Heights, Mich.; Warren, Mich.; Newark, Del.; Fenton, Mo.; and Belvidere, Ill.

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