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Fall Into Water Tower Kills Young Texas Worker

Brandon Norton, 19, was killed this week when he plunged 30 feet into a 150-foot-tall water tower under construction in Frisco, Tex. Another worker was critically injured.

A piece of heavy equipment fell as it was being moved by the crane, crushing part of the water tower and causing both men to fall into the water tank. According to a police source, at least one of the men was hit by the piece of equipment.

Both men worked for CB&I Constructors Water of The Woodlands. A spokesman for the company said work has been suspended on the tower while OSHA investigates the scene. The company plans to launch its own investigation, spokesman Bruce Steimle added.

"The company is very saddened whenever something like this occurs," said Steimle. "We have safety measures to prevent events like this from happening."

Two other workers in the tower during the collapse were unhurt.

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