NTSB Recovers Recorders from N.C. Plane Crash Site

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board last night recovered the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder of the Beech commuter plane that crashed at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport yesterday morning.

The boxes were sent to Washington, where technicians worked on them overnight. Some 26 investigators are on site in North Carolina, a large number for the crash of a smaller plane. According to Thomas E. Haueter, chief of NTSB's major investigations division, the board sent its trainees along on this trip because there hasn't been a major plane crash in 14 months.

In addition to the recorders, NTSB investigators have obtained radar records providing a good record of the plane's path. Witnesses claim that shortly following takeoff, while the plane was going approximately 103 mph, it veered sharply, started a steep decline and rolled over just before hitting an airport hanger. It then burst into flames. All 21 passengers and crew members on board were killed.

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