ASSE Offers Workplace Emergency Preparation Checklist

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is offering a checklist for employers about ways to increase workplace safety and security during a time of crisis.

Although it is not a "one-size-fits-all" checklist, these tips may provide guidance for preparing a safe and secure working environment. In addition to communicating to your employees that their safety and security is a top priority employers should consider:

  • Reassuring employees that safety measures are being taken for their protection;
  • Reporting unusual or suspicious activity or strangers in or near facility areas to the authorities by calling 911 if the situation warrants immediate attention;
  • Urging employees and their families to be aware of their surroundings;
  • Moving outdoor activities indoors;
  • Increasing security and surveillance activities and outdoor lighting, and checking IDs of those entering the building;
  • Updating and reviewing with employees the company emergency response plan (this should be done on a regular basis); update response action and ensure that all current local, state and federal emergency service numbers, as well as updated employee emergency contact information, is readily available;
  • Upgrading the in-house emergency services (EMS) capability to 40-hour First Responder or Emergency Medical Technician-B;
  • Engaging an employee assistance provider (EAP) to council employees and their families on any stress, anxiety, fear and/or depression;
  • Sharing your Emergency Response Plan with local businesses and municipalities to help coordinate incident relief efforts should one occur;
  • Communicating with employees about current events (i.e., have round-the-clock TV and/or radio news available for them to watch or listen to on breaks); and
  • Cooperating fully with the authorities.
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