Corporate Security Experts offer Tips on Preparing the Workplace for Crisis

Tenable Protective Services, a leading corporate security firm based in Cleveland, is offering several important safety and security tips for employers and building managers to ensure their readiness in the event of a security crisis.

Peter J. Miragliotta, Tenable CEO, said the guidelines form the basis of an effective emergency response plan that could be vital in times of heightened security.

"We're going through uncertain times that are greatly affecting our workplaces," commented Miragliotta. "Employees are anxious and preoccupied with current world events. Businesses should make it a priority to open communications with personnel and calm those fears. This is an integral part of any crisis plan."

Tenable suggests employers and building owners and managers follow these security guidelines:

  • Be mindful of suspicious-looking vehicles.
  • Keep an eye out for packages and deliveries that are out of the ordinary.
  • Be on guard for strangers lurking around the premises.
  • Report threatening phone calls to the authorities.
  • Increase security patrols and stagger patrol times.
  • Have first-aid stations set up throughout the facility.
  • Designate a safe area for employees to congregate in case of emergency.
  • Create a routine evacuation plan and exercise this plan annually.
  • Empower individuals to be floor or section leaders in the event an evacuation or other type of preparedness plan is implemented.
  • Develop a key contact list and distribute among management.
  • Ensure that the company has an alternate means of communication such as a back-up telephone system or additional hard line telephones.
  • Consider setting up a back-up operation off-site to maintain production in the event of an emergency.

Aside from establishing lines of communications with employees, Miragliotta said the goals of an emergency response plan should focus on increasing on-site safety and security measures and defining key response roles in the event of a crisis. In doing so, workers feel secure and the business is protected, while employees and assets are safeguarded from common criminals who prey on chaos and nervousness.

"The rule of thumb is to communicate enhanced safety and security procedures to employees and the surrounding community, which will put minds at ease," said Miragliotta. "At the same time, the business should be vigilant at protecting company assets through stringent security measures. This proactive approach to corporate security will prove invaluable in the event of a crisis."

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