Construction Accident in China Kills Eight

Eight workers were killed and 18 were injured when a UTStarcom facility under construction in Hangzhou, China, collapsed on Feb. 18, trapping them under piles of debris. Some workers were trapped for hours while hundreds of rescue workers tried to dig them out.

According to the initial investigation, the tragedy was caused by the collapse of one of the temporary support structures of the building. An investigation is still underway. No UTStarcom employees were on site or injured at the time of the accident. The workers who were killed or injured worked for the construction company. UTStarcom produces mobile phones.

Ying Wu, CEO of UTStarcom China, and the company's top officials from its Hangzhou offices, along with senior government officials of Zhejiang province, visited the site immediately following the incidnet to extend their deepest condolences to the friends and family of the construction workers.

"UTStarcom is deeply saddened by this accident and has also pledged to aid the families of the victims," Wu said.

Some 28 workers were in the building when it collapsed.

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