Workers' Portal Launched by California

California's Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) launched a new Web portal offering easy access to labor and occupational safety information.

The portal features information about the state's labor and workplace safety and health laws and provides easy access to the workers' compensation and apprenticeship systems, programs the department oversees. The portal can be entered through the DIR home page at or by going to

The portal, a pilot project of the department dubbed "Work it out." Work it out's structure is based on the phases of an employee's work life, providing information to Californians looking for a job, currently working, injured on the job or leaving a job. By accessing the portal, a worker can access information about the minimum wage, meal and rest breaks, temporary disability benefits or health and safety requirements in the construction or agricultural industries, among others. A portion of the portal is also available in Spanish and materials are posted in other languages such as Tagalog, Chinese and Vietnamese. DIR plans to expand the number of languages included in the portal.

Work it out offers viewers e-cards that contain one-sentence facts about job rights and can be sent to other Internet users, and also provides hundreds of links to other Web sites that offer legal advice and additional job opportunities.

Work it out will eventually be the companion to an employers' portal, which is under development.

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