Mourn the Dead. Fight for the Living.

In 1989, the AFL-CIO designated April 28th as Workers' Memorial Day to remember those workers who were killed or injured on the job every year and to draw public focus on the need for safer jobs. The theme for this year is "Safe Jobs. Keep on Fighting. Mourn the Dead. Fight for the Living."

This coming weekend and on Monday, April 28th, hundreds of thousands of workers across America will observe Workers' Memorial Day, to remember the injured and the dead and to improve working conditions and job safety.

Since the passage of OSHA, working conditions have improved and millions of lives have been saved. However, each year, thousands of workers are killed on the job or die from occupational injuries and diseases, while millions more are injured in U.S. workplaces.

"Our plans are to build on the progress we've already achieved in promoting safer jobs. We've made progress but our emphasis is on further improvements so that all workers are safe. No one should have to die for a job," said Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President William George.

The occupational safety and health wish list for the AFL-CIO includes:

  • Stronger OSHA enforcement and stiffer penalties for OSHA violations.
  • Dignity and justice for injured workers.
  • A mandatory ergonomics standard, not voluntary, as proposed by the Bush Administration.
  • OSHA protections for public employees.
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