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Employee Kills Three Coworkers, Wounds Four Others

Another incident of workplace violence erupted late last night when seven employees of Modine Manufacturing Co. in Jefferson City, Mo., were gunned down by a coworker. Two employees died at the scene, one died later at a local hospital and four others were wounded.

After the suspect left Modine Manufacturing, a witness called police with a description of his truck. An officer leaving police headquarters noticed it in a nearby alley and confronted the driver. The men exchanged gunfire and the suspect was killed.

Capt. Jim Johnson of the Jefferson City Police Department told the Associated Press that the disgruntled employee entered the facility "and began firing."

The shooter apparently was in the building long enough to move through it, because Police Chief Roger Schroeder said victims were found scattered throughout the building, creating multiple crime scenes. "It's going to take a while to sort out," he admitted. At this point, police are still trying to determine a motive.

While dazed workers gathered outside the facility, company spokesman Mick Lucareli, calling the loss of life "terrible," said, "We just want to find out the details as soon as we can."

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