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35 Workers Survive Tunnel Fire in Spain

There's rejoicing in Spain today, where all 35 workers trapped in a tunnel fire were rescued unharmed.

Emergency workers rescued 35 workers from the tunnel, who were trapped when the vehicle used to carry them into the tunnel caught fire. The workers were equipped with respirators, and managed to stay in contact with rescuers via telephones.

The workers were helping build a high-speed rail link between Madrid and Valladolid, Spain. They were trapped near the city of La Granja.

A spokesman for Spain's Railway Infrastructure Management told Reuters the workers were "in pretty good shape" and that none needed medical attention. "Some of them were pretty shaken," he added.

Spain's El Mundo newspaper reported there were 277 accidents and three deaths during the first four months of construction on the high speed rail line. A recent report found that Spain has the worst occupational safety and health record of any of the 15 members of the European Union.

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