Review Commission Back to Full Strength

The U.S. Senate has confirmed W. Scott Railton and Thomasina Rogers to full terms as members of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission. This means that along with commissioner James Stephens, whose term expires in April 2005, the commission now has a full complement of three members.

President Bush nominated Railton to the commission in August of last year in a recess appointment. Bush later named him to chair the agency and oversee its day-to-day operations. Recess appointees serve only until the end of the next session of the Senate, unless confirmed to a full term. Railton's term expires in April 2007.

"I continue to be thankful and honored that President Bush values my commitment to both the administration and the agency," Railton remarked after the July 31 Senate vote.

Railton left his position as a senior labor partner at the law firm of Reed, Smith, Shaw & McClay, where he specialized in safety and health matters, to join the review commission. He served the firm, which he joined in 1977, as safety and health counsel to a number of national corporations and trade associations.

Rogers, whose term now expires in 2009, had served as chair of the commission from May 1999 until September 2002. Her term expired in April of this year.

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