Protesters Demand "Truth" about Toxic WTC Hazards and Cleanup

A group of downtown residents, workers, physicians and community advocates gathered at 10 a.m. yesterday on the steps of Federal Hall at the corner of Wall and Broad streets in Manhattan to demand an investigation of why information about health risks was withheld following the World Trade Center collapse and cleanup.

The group demanded proper testing and cleanup of affected homes and workplaces in compliance with all federal environmental & worker safety laws, and health care for all of those suffering from WTC-related illnesses, now and in the future

Stephen M. Levin, M.D., co-director, Mount Sinai-Selikoff Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, was one of the speakers at the rally. "For too many of these men and women, the EPA's false reassurance that the air quality in lower Manhattan was safe led to their being exposed to much more than they otherwise would have been," said Levin. "Many people did not wear the respiratory protection that they really needed."

Also attending the press conference were Suzanne Mattei, executive for Sierra Club national field office in New York; Joel Shufro, executive director, New York Committee for Occupational Safety & Health; Jo Polett, downtown resident and member 9/11 Environmental Action; Bob Gulack, office worker, Woolworth Building, NTEU; Mae Lee, Chinese Progressive Association; and Pawel Kedzior, Local 78, LIUNA.

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