Occupationalhazards.com Launches Laboratory Safety/IH Column

Occupationalhazards.com is launching a new Laboratory Safety/IH Column written by Dave Gallup, CEO of Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Inc. (EMLab), a leading commercial indoor air quality testing laboratory in North America.

In the first column, "Relationships Mean Everything," Gallup discusses why the relationships industrial hygienists build with their testing laboratories are so important, and offers a number of questions industrial hygienists should be able to answer about their labs.

Gallup knows whereof he speaks. EMLab specialize in the analysis of air and surface samples for fungi and bacteria, including culturable air samples; spore trap samples; tape, bulk, swab and water samples; E. coli and Legionella analysis; mold/vocs; sewage clearance, iron bacteria testing; cat allergen testing; cockroach allergen testing; dust mite allergen testing; and allergen screen.

"I am proud of several things about our laboratory beyond the fact that we have two facilities that are AIHA EMLAP accredited & ISO 17025 compliant," says Gallup. "For example we have successfully applied the strict quality control methods that are used in manufacturing air bag sensors in the automotive industry.

"We are also fortunate to have Dr. Harriet Burge as our director of Aerobiology and a member of our scientific staff."

Burge, who has 40 years of experience, is an advisor to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, works with the Harvard School of Public Health, and has over 50 peer reviewed publications in this industry.

Gallup says that in this litigious climate, industrial hygienists should be confident their laboratory results will not only stand up in a lawsuit, but that their laboratory will be willing to help them during litigation.

"Bottom line, we are subpoenaed for laboratory results roughly every week," says Gallup. "Our systems, data, processes, and personnel have held up every time."

As the IH professional navigates the path of business evolution, the most important question they should ask themselves, says Gallup, is: "Am I happy with the relationship that I have with my laboratory? The answer to this simple and defining question means everything," he notes.

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