National Ban Bullying at Work Day

Workers from around the UK are launching a silver ribbon awareness program to bring attention to the problem of bullying in workplace.

The campaign aims to show where it might occur, to encourage employers and workers to express their opposition to bullying and encourage companies to adopt anti-bullying policies.

Amicus, Britain's largest professional union, in conjunction with The Work Foundation, The Andrea Adams Trust and IRS Eclipse Publications has organized the anti-bullying campaign as part of the European Union Safety at Work Week.

"Bullying is rife in the workplace and we are asking managers and employees to wear a silver ribbon to demonstrate their commitment making the workplace a healthier place to be," said Chris Ball, national secretary of Amicus. "There must be tougher legislation to end an abhorrent and shameful fact of working life that causes misery to untold thousands and costs millions in lost working hours."

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