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Injured Worker Dies After Giving Birth

What should have been the happiest day of their lives the birth of a baby turned into a day of mourning for the family of Monica Boecker, who died of work-related injuries after giving birth to a premature baby.

The Cloverdale, Ohio, woman suffered severe head injuries when the metal-stamping machine she was working on at Progressive Stamping Inc. in Ottoville, Ohio, restarted unexpectedly. Boecker was 26-weeks pregnant when she was rushed to a medical center in Toledo, Ohio. Doctors delivered the baby by cesarean section, and Boecker died of her injuries soon after. The baby is listed in critical condition.

Dr. Diane Barnett, Lucas County deputy coroner, said Boecker entered a machine that was supposed to be deengergized, and authorities are investing why the machine restarted.

OSHA's Toledo office is investigating the incident.

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