Ohio's Top Five Industries at Greatest Risk for Injury

Have you ever wondered which Ohio industries are at the greatest risk of injury? Who in our community is more likely to get hurt at work?

Ohio's top five industries at greatest risk of injury were determined by the frequency and severity of claims filed. The riskiest professions in 2004 included:

  • Nursing Homes/ Hospitals
  • Trash Collection
  • Construction
  • Trucking/ Transportation
  • Manufacturing

"Each industry has its own very unique safety challenges," stated James Conrad, BWC Administrator and CEO. "It is our priority to get Ohioans to think about safety. By making safety a priority at work, you increase your odds of coming home safely to your family each night. Think about safety for them."

The BWC Division of Safety and Hygiene offers educational classes and training to Ohio employers at local customer service offices. These classes cover a variety of safety topics, and many are geared towards specific industries. Additionally, consulting services and an occupational safety and health resource library is available to Ohio employers, employees and other BWC customers.

Conrad said, "Even though your business may not be listed as one with high risk for injury, it is still important to make safety a daily priority. Encouraging your employees to be proactive about safety may not only keep them safe from harm, but it could also save their lives."

For additional information about safety programs and safety education or regarding BWC and its services please log on to www.ohiobwc.com or call (800) OHIOBWC.

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