Ergonomics Guidelines Announced for Poultry Processing Industry

OSHA's industry-specific guidelines for the poultry processing industry focus on practical solutions to reduce the number and severity of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) throughout the industry.

"Most poultry processing facilities have made substantial efforts to address work-related MSDs," OSHA Administrator John Henshaw said. "Those results demonstrate that methods are available to better protect workers from injury during poultry processing operations. The guidelines we're announcing today will not hinder those efforts; on the contrary, they incorporate many of those successful solutions."

Henshaw emphasized the guidelines are voluntary are are intended to build upon progress made in the poultry processing industry. "We will continue working with those who've helped us deliver this important product individual firms in the industry, trade and professional associations, labor organizations, and the medical community to reduce ergonomic-related injuries, which is always our principal goal," said Henshaw.

Poultry processing joins the nursing home and retail grocery store industries that now benefit from industry-specific ergonomics guidelines one part of OSHA's comprehensive strategy to reduce ergonomic-related injuries.

The guidelines can be found at

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