AIHA Releases Mold Guideline for Industry Professionals

A guideline on mold assessment, remediation and post-remediation verification is available from the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).

"Assessment, Remediation and Post-Remediation Verification of Mold in Buildings" describes the range of exposure assessment, hazard assessment and re-occupancy post-remediation verification methodologies and techniques currently accepted and available to conduct assessments of mold growth in residential and commercial buildings. Additionally, it outlines the minimum qualifications and proficiencies that define a "competent professional" for this purpose.

These competent professionals would include, but are not limited to, certified industrial hygienists (CIHs) with education, training and experience in specific areas of science such as exposure assessment; indoor environmental quality; heating, ventilating and air conditioning; microbial assessment and remediation; building science; law/communication; microbiology/mycology; and health effects.

According to AIHA, teams conducting complex mold assessments should be multi-disciplinary in character. Appropriate experts, such as building scientists and physicians, should be added to an assessment team where the issues involved are beyond the expertise of a CIH or similarly qualified professionals.

AIHA is currently developing additional documents that will provide further guidance in this area. An updated version of the "Field Guide for the Determination of Biological Contaminants in Environmental Samples" is currently under development, and a new in-depth text on mold issues is also being prepared.

To order a copy of "Assessment, Remediation and Post-Remediation Verification of Mold in Buildings," visit

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