Workplace Shooting Suspect Surrenders to Police

An unidentified man has turned himself in to police following a workplace shooting in suburban St. Louis on Thursday that left one man injured and sent frightened and panicked employees scurrying for exits.

Chalk it up to bad aim or an act of God, but the shooting incident in which a gunman emptied a shotgun into Beltservice Corp. during an afternoon shift change, exited to reload and returned to continue shooting left one person with a gunshot wound to the leg. He was treated and released the same day at a local hospital.

The gunman hunkered down in the building but surrendered to police at 10 p.m. on Thursday.

The owner of Beltservice said the gunman was fired about a year ago but refused to say why. A coworker said the gunman was fired for absenteeism related to personal problems.

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