Workplace Shooting Leaves Woman Dead in California

A domestic dispute in Palm Springs, Calif., on Nov. 9 has left the owner of a dog grooming salon dead in her place of business and her former boyfriend critically injured.

Palm Springs police say Oscar Hernandez entered Royale Dog Grooming Salon, shot and killed his ex-girlfriend Irma Felix, and then turned the gun on himself.

Police plan to file charges against Hernandez, who underwent surgery for his injuries at a local hospital and is listed in critical condition. According to police, Felix attempted to call 911 and although she was not able to talk to the operator, the dispatcher could hear an argument between Felix and Hernandez. Police arriving on the scene heard three gunshots.

Felix and Hernandez had a history of domestic disputes involving the police, and Felix complained to family members that following a break-up with Hernandez, he began to stalk her.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there were 560 workplace homicides in 2003, which accounts for 10 percent of all workplace fatalities nationwide. The number is higher in California, where the California Division of Labor Statistics and Research says that workplace violence accounted for 18 percent of the state's 456 workplace fatalities in 2003. Most workplace homicides occur during robbery attempts, while approximately 7 percent stem from domestic situations, such as the one in Palm Springs.

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