AIHA Plans to Donate $10,000 to Tsunami Disaster Victims and Relief Organizations

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) says it plans to donate $10,000 to the International Red Cross to help in the recovery of areas affected by the recent tsunami.

The association also is reaching out to the AIHA local sections, members and other relief organizations to determine ways in which further assistance can be provided, according to a news release from the association.

"AIHA is deeply saddened by this international tragedy, and we wish to do whatever we can to provide meaningful assistance to the Red Cross and other relief organizations," said AIHA President Donna Doganiero, CIH. "Industrial hygienists anticipate and evaluate health and safety issues and design solutions to control or prevent them. Because of this, our members can provide guidance and expertise on protecting the health and safety of individuals supporting both the recovery phase of this disaster as well as during nation rebuilding."

AIHA also is working with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to gather health- and safety-related information from international contacts that have industrial or other business locations in the affected areas. AIHA members and others with knowledge of such sites can help by filling out an information form available on AIHA's Web site at

The association also has extended offers to act as a clearinghouse for relief organizations to find information and resources to keep workers safe and healthy while providing aid to those in need of assistance. The association says AIHA members can provide sound scientific information and expertise regarding exposures to toxic materials in the air or water, personal protective equipment such as protective gloves or respirators and many other health- and safety-related issues that can impact relief efforts.

For more information regarding AIHA's contributions to the tsunami relief efforts, please contact Rachel Parsons at (703) 846-0740 or [email protected]

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