Three West Virginia Firms Owe More Than $1 Million in Back Workers' Comp Premiums

The West Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission recently told three companies owing more than $1 million in back workers' comp premiums to shut their doors.

Injunctions were filed in Kanawha County Circuit Court against:

  • The New River Mining Co., a Wyoming County underground coal mining business, which, as of March 18, owed back premiums, interest and penalties totaling $930,437.30;
  • New River Processing Co. Inc., a Raleigh County coal hauling business, which owed back premiums, interest and penalties totaling $140,415.75; and
  • Morgan Auto Parts Inc., a Marion County wholesale stores and delivery business, which owed back premiums, interest and penalties totaling $2,526.23.

Since the injunctions were issued in February, Morgan Auto Parts made a payment of $29,617.75 on March 1, according to Andrew Wessels, a spokesperson with the Workers' Compensation Commission. The company still is in default, Wessels said.

The New River Mining Co. and New River Processing Co., according to Wessels, are owned by the same individual: James Trent.

The commission will continue initiating litigation against delinquent businesses throughout the state to help assure "everyone pays their fair share," Workers' Compensation Commission Executive Director Gregory A. Burton said.

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