Experts to Share EHS Best Practices at AAOHN Expo

More than 1,200 occupational and environmental health professionals from around the world will convene in Minneapolis on April 29 for the 2005 AAOHN Symposium & Expo.

Hosted by the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN), attendees will be able to learn about current workplace health and safety trends as well as innovative ways to reduce health care costs and increase productivity in the workplace. Sick building syndrome, implications of obesity in the workplace, managing depression at work, workplace violence and substance abuse are among the topics that will be covered in 125 educational programs.

"Employers today are faced with a host of health and safety challenges ranging from employee exposure to infectious diseases, workplace violence issues, health-related absenteeism or even the threat of a potential workplace terrorism attack," AAOHN President Susan Randolph said. "Our goal with the symposium and expo is to provide occupational and environmental health professionals with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to manage these and other key issues affecting the workplace."

The largest conference for the occupational and environmental health profession, the AAOHN Symposium & Expo will feature more than 200 experts who will share research and information on best practices related to numerous occupational and environmental health and safety topics. Attendees will include nurses, scientists, safety engineers and other members of the occupational health and safety team.

The symposium will include a full agenda of speakers, scientific courses, technical exhibits, educational sessions, networking opportunities, employment services and guest activities. During the conference, AAOHN also will offer two workshop series: "Core Curriculum for Occupational and Environmental Nursing" and "Principles of Safety Management and Voluntary OSHA Compliance." Educational activities will cover a variety of topics for health and safety professionals in fields including:

  • Consultants/entrepreneurs -- providing occupational and environmental health consultation services to companies, either as an employee of a company, an employee of a consulting firm or insurance carrier or as a self-employed professional.
  • Hospital/medical center -- providing occupational and environmental health services for hospital employees and/or local businesses.
  • Case management -- providing case management services for work- and/or non-work related injury or illness.
  • Educators/researchers -- providing academic and/or continuing professional education and conducting research.
  • Corporate directors -- planning and implementing occupational and environmental health/safety services within a company at a corporate management level.
  • Safety and environmental health -- providing safety and/or environmental health services.
  • Nurse practitioners -- engaged in advanced nursing practice in occupational and environmental health settings.
  • International/travel health -- providing occupational health services for expatriate employees and/or employees engaged in international work-related travel.
  • Direct care/onsite providers -- providing direct care clinical services often as the sole health care provider at a worksite.

The AAOHN event runs from April 29-May 6. For more information, please visit

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