Relief Organizations Helping in Katrina's Aftermath

A number of national and state organizations and departments are helping to rebuild the lives of the people devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

For more information about ways you can help, or to get help if you or a loved one was a victim of Hurricane Katrina, contact one of these organizations:

Stage Agencies

FEMA recommends that evacuees monitor local news coverage wherever they are located for ongoing response and recovery information. Evacuees and other concerned persons can call the American Red Cross information line at (866) GET-INFO for information regarding emergency assistance, public safety information and road closures.

In addition, Louisiana residents can call the Louisiana State Police at (800) 469-4828 for updates on roadways that are open and safe for travel in less impacted areas. According to FEMA, volunteers should not report directly to the affected areas unless directed to do so by a relief agency due to the severity of conditions and the potential to hamper rescue efforts.

Thanks to the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses for providing the contact information for these resources.

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