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What People Are Saying About Edwin Foulke

President Bush's recent announcement of his intention to nominate Edwin Foulke Jr. to be the next assistant secretary of labor for OSHA has drawn mostly positive comments from occupational safety and health stakeholders who talked to Occupational

  • "We were probably the most productive we've ever been while he was the chairman and a large part of that productivity was the result of his leadership." Earl Ohman, general counsel at the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission until September 2004
  • "This is a good choice. He has worked on cases in the construction industry as an attorney, and that will be a plus because he understands the risk my association deals with on a daily basis." Justin Crandol, director of safety and health services, Associated General Contractors
  • "I have no doubt he'll be able to represent OSHA before Congress and within the administration with skill." Art Sapper, an attorney at McDermott, Will & Emery Associates
  • "On the one hand, he knows about OSHA and OSHA law. But he's not a safety professional and I tend to prefer that." Scott Schneider, director of occupational safety and health, Laborer's Health and Safety Fund
  • "I think he'll have a challenge in getting the support of the troops at OSHA." anonymous OSHA attorney
  • "I doubt there will be significant changes in OSHA enforcement or any new standards. I think it will be more of the same." anonymous OSHA observer
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