More than 7,000 CertainTeed Employees Nationwide Participate in Company's First Safety Day

On Nov. 15, CertainTeed Corp. and its more than 7,000 employees across the nation honored their commitment to health and safety by celebrating the first annual CertainTeed Health and Safety Day.

A leading North American manufacturer of building products for more than 100 years, CertainTeed is steadfast in building a world-class culture with an unwavering emphasis on health and safety for every employee.

"We have designated the day to reinforce CertainTeed's long-standing commitment to fostering a safe and healthy work environment," says Peter Dachowski, president and CEO of CertainTeed. "We are striving for zero accidents and zero injuries at all worksites, be they manufacturing plants, offices or cars for those of us who are on the road servicing customers. Safety is the top priority for all of our employees."

CertainTeed employees will recognize the day by adopting a safety pledge and a personal safety action plan that encompasses work, off-the-job and family action plans. Each of the company's 40 plants as well as the corporate offices will make a variety of health and safety activities available to its workers, including on-site health fairs, safety and emergency planning sessions, site litter pick-up, storm drain labeling, and more.

Adds Dachowski, "Our goal is to manufacture industry-leading building products in an environment where employees make safety their number one priority day in and day out. CertainTeed Safety Day allows each of us to confirm our personal commitment to health and safety in a manner that will keep us accountable to our coworkers, our families and ourselves."

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