Saskatchewan: Utility Company Fined for Safety Violation

SaskPower, the main supplier of electricity in Saskatechwan, has been fined $32,500 (U.S. $27,844) after pleading guilty in a provincial court to a safety violation that led to a worker suffering serious electrical burns in 2003.

The company was charged in connection with a Sept. 26, 2003, incident at SaskPower's Peebles substation in which a worker suffered serious electrical burns after attempting to work on an electrical cabinet that had not been de-energized.

After entering a guilty plea to breaching its duties under Section 3(a) of the province's Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993, SaskPower was fined $25,000 and the court assessed an additional $7,500 victim surcharge for a total penalty of $32,500.

"Employers who work with high-hazard processes must be held to the highest standard of care," Occupational Health and Safety Acting Executive Director Glennis Bihun said. "Everyone in the workplace has a responsibility to put health and safety first."

Currency rate is as of Dec. 27.

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