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Singapore: Agency Plans to Help Businesses Meet New EHS Guidelines

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower says it has set aside $5 million (U.S. $3.16 million) to help small- and medium-size businesses meet new workplace safety and health regulations.

As part of Singapore's Workplace Safety and Health Act, which took effect March 1, all employers are required to conduct comprehensive risk assessments for their work processes. The assessments must include detailed plans on how the employers plan to minimize workplace safety and health risks.

The $5 million has been set aside to help "ease the transition" for employers "by co-funding the cost of engaging a consultant to assist in identifying and addressing risks at the workplace," the ministry explains on its Web site.

Employers can receive funding for up to 70 percent of the costs of hiring a consultant. The maximum an employer can receive is $7,500 (U.S. $4,744).

To be eligible, companies must have 100 or fewer employees and meet several other criteria. Interested companies can apply by contacting any of the Risk Management and Assistance Fund agents listed on the Ministry of Manpower's Web site.

National Workplace Safety and Health Week

In other EHS news in Singapore, the second annual National Workplace Safety and Health Week began April 28 and runs through May 4.

Organized by the Workplace Safety and Health Advisory Committee and the Ministry of Manpower and its many partners, the week aims to raise the awareness of occupational safety and health among all CEOs, the human resources community, managers, supervisors, safety professionals and workers.

For a calendar of events for the week, click here.

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