Freudenberg-NOK Kicks-Off Annual Walk for Wellness Program

Freudenberg-NOK's annual Walk for Wellness was held May 30 and featured wellness fairs at the company's 25 participating facilities across the country.

The fifth annual event, which has grown in both size and scope since its inception, is aimed at motivating associates to adopt a proactive approach to their well-being.

"The Walk for Wellness program is a really great way to get associates excited about adopting a healthier lifestyle," said Sarah O'Hare, vice president of human resources and public relations. "The benefits are extensive on both a personal and a business level. Our employees adopt a positive approach to their health, which drastically helps the company tackle the rising cost of healthcare."

Interested associates registered to participate during the kick-off wellness fairs hosted onsite at participating facilities. During the fairs, several facilities offered blood pressure testing, glucose testing and body mass screening.

During the 3-month program, associates submit a record of their total miles on a weekly basis achieved through walking or an equivalent exercise. This year's corporate-wide goal has been raised to 12 miles per week per participant, with incentives given to individuals at 100-, 175- and 250-mile increments.

In addition to the second annual "Wellness Walker" award, which is presented to the most dedicated participant, this year's program provided additional opportunities for associates to win prizes. The "Most Improved Performer" award was introduced to recognize the top three participants who have the greatest improvement over their 2005 performance. Winners were awarded iPod nano MP3 players.

This year also included the "Healthy Program" award. An iPod nano MP3 player was awarded to the three Walk for Wellness coordinators with the "healthiest" programs. Freudenberg-NOK's corporate human resources department assessed each program and made a decision based on each facility's participation and headcount, average number of miles submitted per participant per week and one innovative idea that the coordinators implemented to make their program unique.

Freudenberg-NOK was named one of America's Safest Companies by Occupational Hazards in 2004.

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