Chao Declares Oct. 16-22 Drug-Free Work Week

In an effort to educate employers, employees and the general public about the importance of a healthy, drug-free work environment, Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao is encouraging the entire labor force to participate in the Drug-Free Work Week, which will be from Oct. 16-22.

The campaign will be a collaborative effort between the Department of Labor and members of its Drug-Free Workplace Alliance.

"Drug-free workplace programs advance worker safety and can be a life-changing resource for workers who have drug or alcohol problems," Chao said. "Members of the Department's Drug-Free Workplace Alliances understand this and during Drug-Free Work Week will be promoting effective programs focused on detection, deterrence and assistance for workers who need it."

Through Drug-Free Work Week, the department and alliance members will conduct various activities to help employers, supervisors and workers understand how to implement effective drug-free workplace programs that focus on detection and deterrence while also offering assistance and support for workers who may have problems with alcohol or drugs.

The Drug-Free Workplace Alliance is the Labor Department's first-ever cooperative agreement focusing exclusively on improving worker safety and health in the construction industry through drug-free workplace programs.

Led by Working Partners and managed cooperatively with OSHA and MSHA, the alliance brings together a range of industry stakeholders to identify effective strategies for improving safety and health through prevention and intervention. It was established in October 2004 with four labor unions and then expanded in July 2006 to include four additional unions and five construction contractor/owner associations.

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