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Making the Business Case For E-Learning

Making the Business Case For E-Learning

Are you interested in making the move from traditional instructor-led safety training to e-learning? Are you wondering if the return on investment will justify the move? Are you facing internal resistance? Join Susan Williams of DTE Energy as she presents the case she built to sell the idea up and down. You’ll hear how OSHA compliance training was stream-lined by making the switch to e-learning at DTE Energy. Susan has learned from doing and can share with you the obstacles she encountered, the analysis she provided and what she would have done differently if she had known then what she knows now.

Susan’s presentation will cover:

Analysis of the savings from switching from instructor-led training to e-learning
How DTE Energy moved from questionable OSHA compliance to total compliance with e-learning
Support and buy-in
IT involvement
The importance of a communication plan
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