Ergonomics: Using Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma

Considering launching an ergonomics initiative that’s integrated into your Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma improvement processes?

Over the past few decades, several corporate improvement initiatives or programs have been developed to aid corporations in achieving external productivity excellence, most notably Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. Ergonomics expert, Scott Smith leads this discussion on the proven strategies, tools, and techniques necessary to build a successful and sustainable ergonomics program that combines Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies while also achieving bottom-line results.

Optimizing human performance, reducing cycle time, and implementing measurable business processes, all serve to increase your support organization’s agility, responsiveness, and ability to deliver enhanced services. By integrating theses methodologies, your organization becomes a stronger business partner to all stakeholders by providing:

  • Increased cost competitiveness;
  • Lower per transaction costs;
  • Empowered, customer and process-focused workforce; and
  • Dedicated commitment to continual improvement.
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