Electric Arc – Assessing the Hazard and Protecting Your Workers

Don’t miss this special online seminar presented by H. Landis Floyd II, Principal Consultant - Electrical Safety & Technology at DuPont, the global leader in safety and protection.

For over 20 years, Lanny Floyd has challenged the status quo of electrical safety in the workplace. His work has advanced the application of human factors engineering, electrical technology and safety management in preventing occupational electrical injuries. In 2004, he was a co-recipient of the IEEE Medal for Engineering Excellence, “for pioneering development of empirical models for predicting electric arc incident energy and development of protective clothing classes based upon layering of flame resistant fabrics”.

This thought provoking seminar will arm you with the basics and prompt you to assess how you stack up against NFPA 70E Compliance.

Topics will include:

-The Need for Electrical Safety
-Five Strategies for Protection
-Applying the principles of NFPA 70E
-Understanding the choices you make

Who should attend:

-Safety managers
-Electrical engineers

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