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Avian Flu and Pandemics: Practical Guidance for Preparing Your Company

Avian flu, pandemics, epidemics, H5N1…what does it all mean? Are these threats legitimate, or are they overblown by the media? How seriously should they be taken? This webcast provides straightforward information about the nature of these threats, their likelihood, and anticipated impacts. You will learn about best practices for developing and implementing safety guidelines to help you manage the response to and recovery from a Pandemic Flu event. We will also recommend reasonable preparedness measures for consideration by your company or organization.

Discussion topics include:

Why H5N1 is such a significant concern.
Common misperceptions about pandemics and avian influenza.
Likely impacts of a pandemic outbreak.
What steps your organization can take to prepare for this threat and what steps other companies are taking.
What managers should be thinking about now, before a pandemic occurs.

Presenter: Cliff Thomas

Cliff Thomas, CBCP, a key member of the EORM Business Continuity Services delivery team, has over 21 years experience in developing and implementing preparedness programs in numerous industry sectors, the military, and all levels of government. While a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, he received the Vice President’s Hammer Award for innovative approaches to national emergency response challenges. Cliff assisted the Naval Postgraduate School in the development of homeland security coursework, instructs Business Emergency Management in Denver, Colorado, and consults internationally on a wide range of disaster preparedness matters.

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