Campaign Steers Cab Drivers Toward Health

Taxi drivers in Hong Kong were encouraged to keep their minds and bodies fit during the recent “Heath Check Days for Taxi Drivers.”

Hong Kong's Transport Department presented the event in conjunction with the Quality Taxi Steering Committee. The event provides various health tests for taxi drivers in an effort to heighten their awareness of the importance of physical well-being and to encourage them to continuously lead a healthy life.

Alan Wong, commissioner for Hong Kong's Transport Department, pointed out that taxi drivers typically work long hours and have to be constantly alert to the heavy traffic that is commonplace on the streets of Hong Kong.

“Taxi drivers always have to pay attention to the traffic situation and pedestrians to ensure the safety of themselves, passengers and other road users,” Wong said.

Wong expressed his appreciation for taxi drivers who took the initiative to participate in the event, which stresses the importance of physical fitness for the health and safety of taxi drivers and their families as well as for their passengers.

“Taxi drivers should take enough rest, have regular and timely meals, do exercises and conduct regular body checks, to stay physically and mentally fit in order to serve the public,” Wong said.

According to the transportation department, long working hours have led to a number of health problems for taxi drivers.

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