Nontoxic Chemical Inventories: Tools to Profitably Green Your Workplace

Every day, companies across a wide variety of industries unknowingly utilize highly toxic MRO chemicals when there are comparable, less hazardous, and even less expensive, alternatives in use within their own organization. Local site buying of these MRO chemicals often results in considerable proliferation of products that fall into the same use category throughout an organization - introducing the opportunity for more toxic and higher cost products to gain a foothold in a companys inventory and operations.
Dolphin Safe Source is a new program that helps companies analyze their organization's current chemical inventory, by leveraging MSDS data, and focus their purchases on the less hazardous and lower cost products they already use in hundreds of product categories. This new purchasing focus results in a reduction of human and environmental hazards, chemical spend, and in a reduction in compliance, handling, and disposal costs. This seminar from Dolphin Safe Source reveals the tools and practices that can help your company realize this supply chain greening and the resulting benefits.
This free, 60-minute seminar will show you how inventory insight can help:
- Reduce regulatory compliance and chemical handling costs
- Reduce product and vendor count and costs
- Provide greater safety for your workers
- Promote sustainability
- Alleviate administrative burdens
Mark Wysong,CEO, Dolphin Software, Inc.
In his 30-year career, Mark Wysong has brought management innovation to a wide range of strategic and tactical issues, including: Resource Allocation and Optimization; Capital Preservation; Organizational Development; Environmental Stewardship and Corporate Responsibility. Currently, he is leading a nationwide initiative to help companies of all sizes better manage hazardous chemicals to promote human, environmental, and corporate health. In his book, The Nontoxic CEO (2003, Beyond Words Publishing), Wysong outlined the process of Compliance Side Total Chemical Management (CSTCM), which reduces the procurement of workplace chemicals and streamlines the safe and timely disposal of unused inventories. Mark's Oregon-based company, Dolphin Software, counts among its clients many Fortune 1,000 companies in numerous industry spaces. Mark is a past winner of the Shibley Award from the Technical Association of the Pulp Paper Industry. As Chief Operating Officer for an investment banking firm, he was responsible for managing significant capital resources including investment dollars from the nation's largest pension fund. Mark believes that each person in an enterprise can make a unique contribution and that there should not be a separation of personal and business values. This integrated approach has kept Mark attuned to issues of social consciousness and corporate responsibility.
Jeremy Johnson,Director, Dolphin Safe Source
Jeremy brings several years of sales and program management, customer support, and product development experience to Dolphin Software. He currently oversees program development, marketing, training, and customer support for Dolphin Safe Source. Prior to coming to Dolphin, Jeremy managed sales and new product development for Grakon International#x2019;s DaimlerChrysler Commercial Vehicle programs.

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