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Promoting Sustainability in Your Organization

Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Corporate Citizenship are all concepts that address how organizations demonstrate social, environmental, and economic behavior and incorporate ethical values into their company’s culture and decision-making process. Corporate governance extends globally to companies of any size and in any industry.
Learn how you can develop, implement, and maintain a strategic sustainability program in your company. This webinar focuses on the following questions and more.
- Are you properly measuring and reporting the economic effects of social and environmental liabilities and will those measures be relevant tomorrow?
- Is your company receiving an increasing number of inquiries about your corporate environmental performance and social responsibility?
- Do you know the real reasons why you should "green" your business? - Have you established "green" performance objectives?
- How do you demonstrate CSR in the workplace? Amongst your employees? Your shareholders? Your customers?
- Do you have unrealized assets that might reduce the environmental, social or economic liabilities?
- Is your Board of Directors asking about a more
environmentally and socially sustainable business growth policy?
- Are external groups objectively reviewing and accurately
representing your practices as you report them?
- Are shareholder resolutions increasingly asking for action on broader environmental and social issues as the company
continues to grow?
If any of the above questions ring true—find out the answers from two sustainability experts, Todd Williams (Entrix), and Mike Wallace (Wallace Partners) in a discussion moderated by Stephen Craig (EORM, Inc.).
A Webinar sponsored by EORM, Inc. and hosted by Occupational Hazards Magazine.

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