Sustainable Safety – Our Safety Role for the 21st Century

Safety in the design of a building, its machines, equipment and processes is a critical element of a sustainable building. The purpose of sustainable design is to create healthier and more efficient models of the design, construction, renovation, operation, maintenance, and demolition elements of a building so upon its life cycle it can be returned to a green site. In order to complete the concept of sustainable, safety must be incorporated so the people involved with the design,
construction, use, maintenance and demolition are returned. In addition, the design community: engineers, architects, interior designers and contractors play a vital role as the initiator and gatekeeper to owners, developers and the safety community.
This session will define Sustainable Safety and identify its elements, requirements and future in the built environment. Presenters from the viewpoint of the Professional Engineer and Certified Safety Professional, will discuss how to prevent hazards from entering the workplace via buildings, machines and purchasing practices and how to prevent companies from "buying" hazards. Comprehensive in nature and specific in direction, this presentation will give you the tools to incorporate safety practices which will contribute to sustainable safety in your workplace.
Safety through Engineering, Inc.
- Michael C. Wright - PE, CSP, President
- Moniqua Suits - Director of Safety Training Leadership

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