New Podcast: Workplace Violence

What are the best ways to recognize and address the potential for violence in the workplace? What is a company to do when it needs to use hex chrome in its operations but wants to eliminate the risk? And can an "absolute zero″ safety program be effective? Find out by listening to the latest Occupational Hazards podcast, where three industry experts share their knowledge and insights on these important topics.

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New Video: Safely Home. Everyone. Every Day™
This video and our web site is dedicated to promoting the safety of everyone who works in, on or around Caterpillar equipment. This video is brought to you by Caterpillar.

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Still Available:
Can You Hear Me Now? Quantifying Noise, Assessing Exposure, & Evaluating Results

This one hour presentation will look at the importance of measuring noise, discuss various noise assessment methods, and provide a look at sample noise results. The webinar is designed to discuss sound measurement for hearing conservation program exposure assessment through both noise dosimetry and task-based analysis, measures for noise control applications and environmental or community noise metrics. This webcast is sponsored by Quest Technologies.

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Available On-Demand: Is Safety About Achieving Success or Avoiding Failure?
We have defined safety for so long as the lack of accidents that we are beginning to lose sight of the objective. When accidents go away for a while is it because of safety success or is it simply luck or normal variation? This webinar explores what safety might look like rather than simply the lack of accidents. Learn the ten signs that safety is at work in your organization and how to tell if the accidents are responding to your efforts or other forces. This webcast is sponsored by ProAct Safety.

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