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Venue Protection: Protecting the Public with Real-time Safety Solutions

It's every first responder's toughest challenge; how do you monitor hazardous incidents and ensure the public safety at major venues in real-time? It is not easy, given the multiple technologies and amount of data available today.
This presentation provides an overview of existing detection sensor technologies and decision support tools for hazardous area monitoring, with emphasis on real-time integration and interpretation. A systematic approach for identifying unknown environments by merging these different sensor technologies is discussed, and benefits including increased safety, efficiency, and command control are highlighted.
Participants will be exposed to:
* Tools historically used to protect the public at major events * Technology available today for monitoring modeling hazardous releases at public venues
* Capabilities, benefits, and limitations of existing technologies
* Case study: before, during, and after a major public venue event
* QA session with the presenters

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