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FR 101: The Basics

  • What is a flash fire?
  • What is the difference between primary and secondary flame-resistant clothing?
  • When is there a need for flame-resistant clothing? What is the employear’s responsibility?
  • Is there a difference between flame-resistant & flame-retardant?
  • Does OSHA 1910.269 apply to me?
  • What does inherent mean?

Ever ask any of these questions? If so, bulwark protective apparel will answer these questions & more.

We will start with the differences between everyday wearing apparel and flame-resistant apparel. We will discuss if there is a need for flame-resistant apparel and if there is a need, what is the employer’s responsibility.

We will discuss various FR terms that you may have heard but may not know there meaning. We will touch on several of the technical standards, along with learning about basic flame-resistant fabrics.

Maybe FR is new to you? If so, this webinar will be beneficial to you. Maybe you purchase FR but aren’t 100% comfortable with all the technical information? If so, this webinar will be beneficial to you. Maybe you currently wear flame-resistant clothing to work everyday but want to know more about it. If so, this webinar will be beneficial to you.

Bulwark Protective Apparel always puts safety first and you should too! Just as Sir Francis Bacon stated, “Knowledge is Power”. The more you know about FR, the safer you & your employees will be.

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